Who we are

Luma California was founded by passionate and caring individuals who genuinely seek to help people heal themselves through the power of the cannabis plant. We saw a missing piece in the cannabis industry related to new patient support and patient education. We created our delivery service to fill this void and thus provide patient support every step of the way. We also offer a hand-curated selection of lab-tested, medical cannabis products sourced from trusted brands across Northern California.


What we do

Luma California helps patients achieve wellness and relief through safe cannabis medicine options delivered directly to them. Our patients use cannabis as medicine, so we tailor recommendations to accommodate real benefits and relief. Luma is committed to helping educate and providing support channels for patients throughout their journey to wellness. We help people connect with a doctor to get their recommendation then help them decide which products to try. Orders are placed via phone or online and we deliver directly to the patient's doorstep.


What makes us different

Here at Luma we are passionate about educating patients and providing the resources necessary for cannabis patients to make the best decision on what products to use. 

  • Priority to make the patient comfortable using cannabis
  • Quality low-dose products with high medicinal value and varied CBD:THC ratio options 
  • Lab-tested products 
  • Sugar-free, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and more
  • Variety of flowers, tinctures, transdermal patches, edibles, topicals, soaks, concentrates, and more
  • Participants in the local farmer's market providing cannabis education to the community


Why you can trust us

We have extensive knowledge in the cannabis plant. As cannabis patients ourselves, we have experienced first hand the amazing benefits of this medicine. Seeing the life-changing effects for patients happen before our eyes motivates us to share cannabis with everyone! We recognize that our patients may feel uncomfortable about getting "high" or being in a dispensary. They may have heard stories about how cannabis can help but they can't find trustworthy sources for their own medicine. Enter Luma- a safe alternative to medical dispensaries! Disclaimer: this is not legal medical advice but we will work with you, from one patient to another, to suggest a regimen of cannabis treatments that may best satisfy your needs. 


Patient Story

Alice had been a cannabis denier for most of her life. Meeting Alice, she was on oxycontin, valium, and routine cortisone shots for her rheumatoid arthritis and back spasms. Because of these drugs she experienced many negative side effects. We recommended she start with a topical cannabis pain cream that did not break the bloodstream barrier and produced no "high". Alice felt relief within minutes and was shocked. Wanting to explore other products for a deeper, lasting relief, we introduced a high-CBD tincture, providing Alice relief with no psychoactivity. Having safe access to medical cannabis, Alice was able to get off all her pharmaceuticals and had control once again of her life. 


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